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Am I alone? Empty Am I alone?

Post  Chubbles on Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:34 am

If anyone has a hard time remembering who I am, I'm Chubbles, I was a Sub Leader in Byakurai Dan, and I'm still the Sub Leader if my guess is right. I stopped playing due to a sudden case of depression, and when I was going to make my comeback, my computer crashed. The hard disc stopped working and I haven't had enough fund to buy a new one, but next month I will get some cash, hopefully. It's truly tragic that this guild is slowly dying, dead even-, I just don't know because I haven't logged on Trickster for ages. I'm sorry, I should have said something about me going away, I feel like I went behind your back as a person second in charge of the whole guild. I will come back, soon I hope, and when that happens, I will drag Pancake with me, and we will light the fire again-, that fighting spirit and that immense amount of joy that we all had back then! I hope some of you are still in the guild, and I hope some of you read this, because I'm sorry, I let everyone down. This might just be a computer game-, but I loved every second I spent in this guild, I want that feeling back, and if you who is reading this agrees with me, then we should totally just get our lazy asses back on Trickster! But well, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I hope that you will have a life filled with adventures, because the chance of me meeting you isn't really a big one. Well, that's all for now, stay tuned because I will, so-, smell ya around... cheers

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