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Post  PanPan on Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:38 pm

Here people should submit tips that are useful. Such as what stats are good, What equips you should use for which type you are, and boss tips.


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Some neat info

Post  Chubbles on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:49 am

Money tip! Ka-Ching!

Kidding, this ain't nothing about money.

Let's say that you found this guy with a Skull set, you remember his name but he isn't on your friend list. You need to find if he is online. What to do?! It's simple... Just type "/is (character name)" in your chat bar, and press enter, and it will notify you like this, "(character name) is Connecting", if he/she is online, and "(character name) is not connecting", if he/she isn't online.


Write "/is Chubbles", press enter, and you will be able to see if I'm online or not.

Need info about some item? Need to know how much people will buy it on? Simple enough, just write in your chat bar "/rate (item name)" and the chat bar will say the items lowest price, highest price and it's average price. This will only work if you WRITE THE ITEM NAME CORRECTLY!! Bronze Gemstone has to be written like it's written in your inventory.

Need to know how deep your drill can go? Need to know stuff about the ground you are about to drill on. "/depth" and there will pop up some letters telling you the depth of the soil you are drilling on.

Most people know this stuff, but you know, you never know, so for you guys who didn't know this, enjoy I guess. Cool

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